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Things to do!

There are plenty of great things to do and great places to see in Esperance. 

Let us help you create a great "To do List" of things that interest you?

And ask us about our special rates for extended stays - one day and night is nowhere near enough for you to experience the beauty of Esperance.


    Located approximately 50 km East of Esperance, Cape Le Grand is one of Western Australia 's best known and most spectacular National Parks. Pristine and perfect are two words that reflect the absolute beauty of Lucky Bay. Here you will find an ocean coloured all imaginable shades of blue, sand so white and fine that it squeaks between your toes and the extraordinary sight of kangaroos sunbathing on the beach - just incredible!

  • Thistle Cove - the Coastal Walk Trail to Lucky Bay - the Lucky Bean Cafe (in season).

    Enjoy a picnic (some tables are provided) and explore marvellously sculpted rock formations that capture the sounds of the wind and waves. Explore the walk trail around Thistle Cove and walk to the magnificent Lucky Bay and in season enjoy a kangachino and if you are really lucky see the Kangaroo on the beach that has been so extensively photographed. Swim, dive, snorkel or just walk on the whitest beaches you can imagine - or drive along the beach if you have an adequately prepared 4WD and the weather and beach conditions make it safe to do so!


    View the extensive and unique body of works created by glass artist Cindy Poole - the creator of the famous Esperance Whale Tail - her handcrafted works make great gifts as they are mostly easy to carry and quite unique. Select one of her original pieces as a housewarming / birthday / Xmas / wedding gift for one of your loved ones.


    Experience Australia’s only specialist fish and shark leather tannery and purchase a gift for yourself or someone you care about from this fine collection of very unique leather goods. Sit down and relax while you discover in a delightful DVD presentation how Mermaid turns raw fish skins into a unique and exciting leather with international appeal.


    Discover a land of untamed beauty combining breathtaking beach drives, exhilarating coastal walks and hidden bushland. The natural wonders that embrace Esperance are regarded with awe throughout the world. Come and explore the magnificent bays and stunning landscapes in air-conditioned four-wheel drive comfort. A personalised service with a limited number of just six forward facing seats in our fully equipped and modified Landcruiser Troop Carrier, you'll have the most comfortable and enjoyable trip of your life.


    The Esperance Museum was officially opened on October 09th, 1976. The Museum park was the town's original railway marshalling yards, and the main bulding, constructed soon after the turn of the century, was the goods shed and office


    Stokes National Park covers an area of 10,667 hectares, excluding 16.19 hectares for preservation of a historic homestead - Moir Homestead. There is magnificent coastal scenery all along this part of the WA coast - and particularly around the inlet which offers ocean fishing and sandy beaches with good swimming. The vegetation includes mostly coastal heath, scrub and areas of dense low forest.


    For a pristine white beach in one of the world's most idyllic national parks head to Lucky Bay. Located within the Cape Le Grande National Park, Lucky Bay is rated one of Australia’s whitest beaches – and it’s pure white sand, clear turquoise water and perfect swimming conditions make it a stunning place to relax. So beautiful is Lucky Bay that even the kangaroos laze on the beach. Best of all Lucky Bay stretches for five kilometres so, if you’re at Lucky Bay and you crave peaceful tranquillity, it’s only a short stroll away.


    Approximately 120 kms to the east of Esperance by good road is the Cape Arid National Park featuring magnificent granite headlands, crystal clear waters and sparkling white sands.


    Esperance's natural beauty and it's clean unspolt scenery attracts artists and so Esperance has some talented people and for a very comprehensive description of many of the local art opportunities have a look at the Esperance Arts and Culture trail.


    This is the only winery in the Esperance region and the most isolated in Western Australia


    We showcase Local Artwork & Sculptures, Wrought Iron Courtyard Pieces, Empire Furniture, Stunning Homewares and Interior Design One Off Pieces.


    Observatory Point and Lookout offer magnificent views across the coastline of Cape Le Grand National Park. Examine the memorial placed at the lookout commemorating the explorers who took shelter from the storm in 1792. Keep an eye out for the spectacular sight of whales that can often be seen swimming through the surrounding ocean between June and October.


    Pink Lake gets its pink colour, and sometimes even purple, depending on weather conditions. The colour of Pink Lake is attributed to high concentrations of salt tolerant algae, Dunalella Sailina. This was first definitely established in 1980 after almost 200 years of conjecture.


    Nearly 100 untouched islands make up the stunning Archipelago of the Recherche off the coast of Esperance in the remote south east of Western Australia.


    Kepa (water) Kurl (boomerang) is the Aboriginal name for the town of Esperance, it means, "where the water lies like a boomerang".

  • The Great Ocean Drive

    The Great Ocean Drive is a 38 kilometre circular loop drive taking in some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world. The sheltered, pristine beaches with their crystal clear waters and snow-white sands, including the popular Twilight Beach, are ideal for family swimming, surfing, windsurfing and fishing. The drive also features the Rotary lookout, the Western Power wind power farm and Observatory Point.

  • Whale Tail

    A sculpture of a whale tail is not an entirely new idea but what was created here as the centrepiece of a multi-million dollar project to beautify the Esperance foreshore is a beautiful set of linear shapes, which says as much about the negative space as it says about the structure itself. The steel, wood and glass sculpture is an iconic masterpiece which sits in idylic surroundings on the Esperance foreshore.

  • Scoop proposal

    Scoop proposal

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Things to do in Esperance